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Welcome to Helsinki

The conference takes place in ECHA's conference centre in Helsinki, Finland. Here you will find practical information about the venue and the city.

Getting to the conference

Public transport
From Helsinki Vantaa Airport, take a P or I train to Helsinki Central Railway Station.

Exit the train station and take one of the following trams:

  • Tram 1 from Lasipalatsi to Telakkakatu

  • Tram 3 from Rautatieasema to Viiskulma

  • Tram 6 from Rautatieasema to Telakanpuistikko

Taxis are available at the airport. Tell the driver you are going to Telakkakatu 6, the European Chemicals Agency's building.

Travel time: 30-40 minutes, cost: 35-60€.

Download a detailed visitor's guide.

Enjoy your conference in Helsinki!

Get to know Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland's capital, welcomes you to our conference in February.

Helsinki offers a captivating blend of cutting-edge research and timeless charm.

Amidst the wintery landscape, you will discover a city steeped in innovation, from its world-renowned universities to its thriving tech scene.

Embrace the Nordic spirit, explore museums and savour Finnish cuisine.

Helsinki, with its efficient transport and warm hospitality, is an ideal backdrop for our event.

Prepare to be inspired during your visit to this wintery northern metropolis.

Our green event commitment


Sustainability at every step

We proudly hold the EMAS certificate, signifying our dedication to sustainability at every stage of our events.

We follow the "4 Rs":

  • Reduce waste by using minimal packaging and promoting sustainable materials

  • Refuse single-use plastics

  • Reuse stands and materials

  • Recycle diligently

We encourage eco-friendly travel and favour digital communication.

We prioritise accessibility, always comply with regulations, ensure safety, and aim to leave a lasting green legacy through sustainable practices and responsible waste management.